How To Fix Fingerprint Issue On MacBook Pro

When you try to add a fingerprint on your MacBook Pro by setting up the touch the ID, and you fail to do so; because a dialog box keeps popping up on your Mac’s screen and saying “Fingerprint Limit Reached.” But in that case, you know that it is not the matter as your MacBook is prompting. However, if you get this warning; doesn’t mean that you will have to reset your fingerprint data. And to do so, you will need to head into the recovery mode of your MacBook. Norton Setup

How To Fix Fingerprint Issue On MacBook Pro

Why Does This Problem Occur?

So either you haven’t saved a fingerprint in your Touch ID on the MacBook Pro or the feature hasn’t been set up in the first place and yet it still prompts that “Fingerprint Limit Reached.” What’s going on here is an issue that doesn’t let the fingerprint data be erased and keeps securing the Enclave on your MacBook. As mentioned in a support article from Apple, this bug is likely to be found in your MacBook if you ever use a third-party utility for removing your MacBook Pro, which somewhere makes sense, because we know that Apple will never hand over anything close to resembling the third-party developers to the Secure Enclave.

How To Delete Your MacBook Pro’s Fingerprint Data?

The following steps will show you how you can exactly delete the fingerprint data of your MacBook Pro:

  1. First of all, you need to start up your Mac, or you can restart it while pressing the Command and R keys simultaneously.
  2. You may release the keys when an Apple logo appears.
  3. Doing so will make your Mac enter the Recovery mode.
  4. Tap on the Utility option in the Menu bar.
  5. Tap on the Terminal option.
  6. Type “xartutil-erase-all” in the Terminal.
  7. Then you need to press the Return key on your Mac’s keyboard.
  8. And type Yes.
  9. Tap on the Apple menu in the Menu bar.
  10. Here you will need to tap on the Restart option to reboot your Mac.

That’s it. You can now add fingerprints to Touch ID on your MacBook Pro.

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Quick Guide to Download Norton Family Premier –

Download Norton Family Premier – Norton Family Premier offers you some comprehensive features that include monitoring and Parental control features. The company provided these features for the users to keep their kids safe online, as they mostly use the devices with the internet connectivity. Parental control software allows parents to identify and prevent the prospective threats.

Norton Family Premier also allows the parents to monitor that what their kids were doing online. The location supervision is also possible in this software. You can download and install the product on your system by visiting the link or The software runs on Windows, Mac as well as Mobile devices. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the process to Download Norton Family Premier.

Download Norton Family Premier

Download Norton Family Premier

Steps to Download Norton Family Premier –

Download Trial Version:

  • First of all, visit or by using your web browser.
  • Click on the Try Now option given on the website.
  • Now login to your Norton account using login credentials.
  • If the account does not exist then create a new account.
  • Furthermore, click on the Install to start the download and then wait to finish the download.


  • Double-click on the file when the download is finished to run the installation.
  • Now, follow the instructions given on screen to finish the installation.
  • Click close to exit the activation wizard and then start using your version of the product.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to download and install the trial version of the product for a month. You can use almost all the features of Norton Family Premier for 30 days with a few limitations. After 30 days, you need to renew or update your subscription as per your requirements. In case you need help, then you may contact Norton Support or visit us at

Download Norton Family Premier Subscription:

  • Firstly, visit and then click on the Subscribe Now button.
  • Now, you need to log in your Norton account, if have one, or create a new account.
  • Once you have logged in to your account then click on the Install from My Account page.
  • Now enter the Norton product key and then click on the Submit or install button.
  • In conclusion, Click SaveFile or run according to or browser to save the file and wait to finish the process.


  • Open the downloads folder, find your file and then double click on the file.
  • Follow the process displaying on the screen to finish the installation process.
  • Click Close to exit the activation wizard and you are done.

You can follow the instructions mentioned above to Download Norton Family Premier on your system. For any kind of difficulty, you may contact Norton Support or to get technical support.

FAQs –

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If you have the issues related to the Norton Family Premier then you may contact Norton Support. Also, you may connect us by visiting at or for the further troubleshooting. One of our experts will help you to fix the issues in no time with 98% of the resolution rate.

How to defragment files in Norton Utility 16?

Let’s first know about what is defragmentation: It is a process through which the fragmented file stored on a disk is rearranged to engage the continuous storage locations, providing both space and performance optimization. To defragment the hard drives, you can use the Speed Disk window.

defragment files in Norton Utility 16

You need to keep this in mind that you can’t optimize files those are used by the Mac OS. It is also clear by now that you can’t optimize a disk which is used presently by the Startup Disk. In case you select Optimize by choosing the Startup Disk then you will come across with a message that you can’t optimize the particular disk until unless you restart the program from the Norton nu16 or Norton Utility 16 CD.

Defragmenting the files increases the chances of recovering the deleted files, in near future. It all depends on your choice whether to defragment all the files or select the largest fragmented files or the most fragmented files. Defragmenting files is not the only optimization process but it just improves your disk performances.

In case you wish to download the Norton Utility 16 then you need to visit

Here,  this article learns about the defragmented file and how to defragment all the files or the selected files.

Check out the steps to defragment all the files or the selected files-

  • To defragment the entire files

  1. You need to run the ‘Speed Disk’.

Note- A message will notify you that you can’t optimize the Startup Disk.

  1. Select the ‘Defragment files’.

On the selected disk, the speed disk defragments all the files.

  • To defragment the selected files

  1. Open the ‘Speed Disk’.
  2. From the ‘Explore’ menu, select ‘Show fragmented files’.

The fragmented files dialog box will list out all the fragmented files, size, and the number of fragments. Please keep this in mind that the dimmed files can’t be defragmented.

  1. Select the ‘file, size, or fragment’ column heading for display of the list in a different order.
  2. Choose the file for defragmentation-
  • Click on the particular file to select it.
  • Press Shift and click on the adjacent files.
  • Press Command and click on the non-adjacent files.
  • Click on the ‘Select All’ option from the edit menu.
  1. Choose the ‘Defragment selected files’.

Note- For purchasing any Norton product, you need to have Norton account to check for the subscription date and expiry date